Buy local

Buy your goods locally to keep those small and medium shops a float in your area, with all your local small and medium shops and businesses finding it hard to survive, with all these big shopping malls around, start buying in your local area to help your local people keep there jobs and help them keep a vibrant busy community.

Buying from your local shops in your community, will circulate money around your local area, which in return will help your local shops and businesses use there local services, this will employ local people which will carry a higher locally produced goods. Every bit of money spent in your local area will go a long way in helping your community, not only for know but for the future for our kids, so buy local.

Every 100 euro spent in your local shops 45 euro stays in your local economy, if you spend it in a big multinational only 14 euro will stay in your local economy. It is vital to help those small and medium shops and business out in your area to help your local economy build for now and for the future, we can all make a difference to our local area by putting our hard earned cash into our area.

Generally in all areas of your local community they have shops for you to buy your local goods, weather its from clothing shops, electrical shops, or for house hold goods, your area usually has everything to cater for your needs.

Buy local to keep your village a better village for now and for the future.

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